Elijah Was Supposed to Die?

You know, Elijah from The Vampire Diaries? Well, originally, he was supposed to just croak, but the producers and other higher-ups, get ‘upset’ every time they start talking about his inevitable demise. So Elijah may turn out to be a long term character, although, he was first created with the intent to be snuffed within one or two appearances, if not, his first, when he’s staked and impaled to a door by Damon Salvator. Julie Plec, executive producer of the Vampire Diaries, had plans for a Elijah to have an important role in the shows to come, but the contingency was, that he’d be killed off. The only problem there was, she couldn’t come up with a way for him to die. Especially because the question of how to kill an ‘Original’ has yet to be answered, at least by the show so far.

Catriona Wightman from Digital Spy has the scoop on Elijah’s confusing and perhaps temporary role on the show:

“The executive producer of The Vampire Diaries has revealed that she had a plan to kill off Elijah.

Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly that she expected the original vampire to have an important role on the show but had figured out a death for him in case it didn’t work out.

However, Plec added that she was so impressed with Daniel Gillies’s performance of the role that she didn’t need to use the contingency.

“That’s a character that presumably exists to die, and yet every time we start talking about that we get very upset,” she said.

“We knew that we were going to give the surprise that he wasn’t dead at the end of his first episode, but the more we like him, the more complicated we make the rule about how an Original can be killed for good.”

In some ways, I guess it’s good that Elijah, portrayed by Daniel Gillie, sticks around; for one, he’s hot. For two, he directs the story about Klaus in a way that keeps everything from getting too confusing; he sort of, leads the plot. He’s our spirit guide, don’t kill him! And he also makes a good contrast between what’s going with the search for Klaus/the escape from Klaus, and of course, the werewolf bite that Rose is dealing with. Personally, I think they ought to just deal with Rose the old fashioned way and cut her head off. She always runs out on a fight, gets in the way, and she totally makes me want to puke when she starts in all lovey-dovey with Damon. Anyway! The Vampire Diaries has an episode coming up, finally!, in just seven days: Season 2 Episode 12, The Descent will premier (FINALLY) on January 27th, and 8:00 pm/7:00 pm EST.

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  1. wouldn’t say he’s Hot but I woudn’t like it if he just died because well he’s an original so … you cant kill an original by simply staking him trough the chest !! no way no fucking way it needs to be like real horrific and special and wel just plain Hard (yes Hard with a capital)

  2. I just wish that had taken someone older, seriously if vampires get stronger the longer they have been vampires it wouldn’t matter if they are not tweens or in their thirties especially if they are an “original” so from a time when there were not so many vampires. And to be honest, I dread that they might be running into the all-powerful uber-vampire crap. I think that sucks.

  3. He was making the show interesting, got really mad when i died a simpel death, it dosen’t seem like Elijah to not be on his best behavior after he was killed ones. THe should bring him back. Someone needs to teach those punks how to behave, and also he probably knows alot about Claus.


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