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Elijah’s Alter Ego Gives A Personal Interview

Daniel Gillies had quite a busy year in 2013 and things aren’t slowing down for the new dad. In case you, “The Originals” fans didn’t know, he plays a dr on tv.

Ok, I’ve seen this guy on ‘The CW’ alot, but I had no idea that his vampire side was just one of the roles he currently plays on tv. He also stars in a leading role as a prominent surgeon on ‘Saving Hope’ with Michael Shanks. ‘Saving Hope’ has been renewed for a third season, but the new dad assures us that he will be rescuing his family, particularly his impetutous brother, Klaus for many seasons to come. Daniel Gillies, I know I speak for many, many fans when I say, we couldn’t possibly imagine ‘The Originals’ without you, so thank you for keeping your gorgeous talented face on our screens.


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Veritas • January 6, 2014

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