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Elvira Christmas Tree Ornament

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is getting her own Christmas ornament this year. Good for her. If you are a fan, you can purchase this ornament. Which means that the company producing this ornament will make money, which will be money that goes towards recouping the money they paid Elvira to plaster her likeness on a Christmas ornament. That’s how it works. I for one will not be purchasing one of those ornaments. I will instead use my printer and print out a nice photograph of Vampira, then enclose it in one of those photo frame Christmas ornaments, and create my own custom-made Vampira Christmas ornament.

You can purchase one of the overpriced things if you want to. (25 freakin’ bucks?!) I refuse. Elvira ripped-off Vampira. I won’t support a ripper-offer. Let them make a Vampira Christmas Tree ornament and then we’ll talk. I might even drop a quarter of a Ben Franklin for one, if it’s a nice one. Even though Ms. Maila Nurmi, Vampira herself, is no longer with us and wouldn’t get any money out of the deal. It’s the principal of the thing. I won’t support Elvira by buying her ornament, or anything else. Nope, nope, nope.

TheCheezman • December 12, 2018

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