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Elvira’s Autobiography

So the “Mistress of the Dark”, aka Cassandra Peterson, has a book scheduled for release for Halloween next year. “I’m busier than ever writing away on my autobiography. I now have a DEAD-line from my publishers so no more messing around. My book is due at the end of February so we can have a Halloween 2020 release!” Well bully for her. I wonder if she will devote a chapter or two to the way she blatantly ripped-off Vampira.

Longtime readers of this site already know about my beef with Elvira. She outright stole the character of Elvira and the concept from Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira. Or her people did at the very least. The degree to which Peterson herself is culpable remains unproven and debatable, but considering that Peterson has previously made claims that she had never even heard of Vampira, which is so unbelievable as to be ludicrous, tends to cast doubt for me on everything she says and does. If a person lies about one thing, after all, how can you know they aren’t lying about other things? Had she acknowledged the questionable origins of her show and shtick I would’ve been more apt to believe her. Instead she chose to play dumb, but instead ended up appearing guilty.

TheCheezman • August 20, 2019

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