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Endless Night Vampire Ball

Cool name for this gig. The Endless Night Vampire Ball will be taking place in New Orleans on October 27th, 28th, and 29th at the legendary House of Blues. (I tore up some oysters the last time I was there, let me tell ya.) I won’t be able to attend. I’m not sure I would attend even if I could attend. I’m not sure I’d fit in. Yes, I write about vampires for a living. I consider myself an expert on vampires. And you won’t find any bigger Dracula mark than me anywhere. (Not even if you count Renfield.) But I don’t drink blood. I don’t have any desire to try it. I don’t always dress in black. I love the sunshine. The only things “gothic” about me are some of my tattoos; the rest is inside my head.

The Ball is described by the press release as a “Venetian masquerade ball meets a vampire court with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of a 19th century burlesque cabaret.” Sounds cool. But they have a dress code which will be strictly enforced. I don’t dress goth. Sure, I could just dress in all black, like Johnny Cash. But it will be loud and crowded, like a club, and I hate clubs. I dislike crowds. And I’m not sure I’d care for the music. There will be vampire vendors, and I’d enjoy that, but I’d just be tempted to buy a bunch of stuff I can’t really afford. One of y’all go and tell me how it was, okay?

(Seriously. If anyone attends the Ball and would like to report on it, I will post said report here on this site, if it’s halfway intelligible. Any takers?)

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TheCheezman • November 3, 2017

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