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Enter The Red Cellar

So tempting to use the quote from Dracula, here. “Enter freely of your own will, and leave some of the happiness you bring.” (I guess I just did, didn’t I?) The Red Cellar is the title of this site maintained by my friend Alexia, who is a Sanguivore, a human who feels the need to consume blood. I like this term better than “Sanguinarian,” and much, much better than “vampire,” since the latter is a non-human, mythic creature. She’s also amiable, pleasant, and cool, even if I have formed my opinion solely based on online interactions. No, we haven’t met in real life, but you can often get a better read on a person’s personality online than in face-to-face interactions.

Anyway, there’s lotsa interesting stuff to be found here, both for the Sanguivore and, probably even moreso, the non-Sanguivore. For example, do you know how a Sanguivore typically “feeds”? Alexia tells us. How much blood does a Sanguivore need? “…anywhere from 100ml a month to several pints a week. It depends entirely on the person. Some take the bare minimum so they aren’t at death’s door, some take as much as they can in order to thrive. A pint of human blood a month is commonplace.” And how does he or she obtain this blood? “A variety of methods are employed…such as contact feeding, vacutainers, free bleeds, animal blood, cannulation, and blood bags.” It’s fascinating stuff. Give it a read.

TheCheezman • February 6, 2018

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