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Equal Time For Revenant Bears

No, I’m not talking about the killer grizzly bear from the Leo DiCaprio movie THE REVENANT. Nor am I talking about the freaky mutated bear monster from the film ANNIHILATION (which wasn’t really a revenant as it didn’t come back from the dead onscreen but sure looked like a zombie bear ought to look). I’m talking about *stuffed* bears, here. And stuffed other things.

Last week, over on our sister site, I wrote about the adorable werewolf stuffed figure available for purchase for Halloween at Build-A-Bear. I figure I should offer equal time to the vampires, then. There are stuffed bats available at Build-A-Bear, but not vampires, per se, although I seem to recall that in recent years you could purchase a Dracula cape and outfit for your teddy. They have a magician’s cape up for sale on the website. Still, you have to have the widow’s peak and the fangs to make a real Dracula teddy bear. And the prerequisite Transylvanian accent. (What, you didn’t know the teddy bears they sell at Build-A-Bear can talk?)

It isn’t just Build-A-Bear getting in on the Halloween action, though. Over at Vermont Teddy Bears there are vampire bears and zombie bears. Aren’t they cute? (Just between you, me, and the lamppost, I kinda dig the zombie bear a little more. It doesn’t look like the zombie-esque bear from ANNIHILATION all that much, though.)

TheCheezman • November 4, 2019

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