Ever Wonder Who Made the True Blood Intro?

I do! I mean, it’s been with us for four years now, and it’s pretty damn awesome. It’s teeming with metaphors for undead living, –and living with the undead, –so why isn’t there more information that what there already is about the coolest introduction for the most awesome show out there right now? Sure, we know who sings the song, –I wonder if Jace Everett knew that his song about kicking another guy’s ass would evolve to this, –would he change anything? I mentioned that in a post a few years back, when True Blood premiered. Bad Things’ original chorus was “I wanna do bad things TO you”. It probably would have worked out anyway.

One of the most intuitive explanations of the intro comes from ‘Art of the Title‘:

What it is to be reborn.

A closed-mouthed catfish and cheery gator serve as an aquatic admission into a place that suffers the rot of intolerance and blackish baptisms. Stick shacks sulk under Spanish moss. Jace Everett’s song “Bad Things” plucks and coos over the risque and the religious imagery of Alan Ball’s title sequence for “True Blood” contextualizing the slutty and the sweet swamp-goth vampiric mise-en-scène.

Elements of this sequence have been compared to elements of Andrew Douglas’ mesmeric, stunning, one of a kind film “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.” Art of the Title’s intention in providing the opening to “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” is pure. It is very good southern surrealist cinema.”

Check out the ‘making of’ video below, and the credits, –since we never get to see them on the show.


Creative Directors: Matt Mulder, Rama Allen
Live Action Direction: Rama Allen, Morgan Henry, Matthew Mulder, Matt Clark, Tevor Fife
Designers: Rama Allen, Shawn Fedorchuck, Ryan Gagnier, Matthew Mulder, Camm Rowland, Ryan Rothermel, Jacques Broquard
Compositor: Ryan Gagnier
Editor: Shawn Fedorchuck
Producers: Morgan Henry, Kipp Christiansen, Keir Moreano
Executive Creative Director: Paul Mattheaus
Executive Producer: Mark Bayshore
Production Company (titles): Digital Kitchen
Client: HBO

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  5. I’m sorry, what was the point of this article? You basically plastered images and text from the Art of the Title and the only original material was the intro you wrote…for the Art of the Title article. Lame.

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