Exclusive Interview with Michele Hauf!

On top of running the awesome site Vampchix, Michele Hauf is also the author of some damn sexy vampire novels. I recently chatted with Michele about vampires, writing and her new book “Her Vampire Husband.”

What got you interested in writing about vampires?

I’m not really sure what initially started me on them.  I have always told stories in my head, and after my son was born (19 yrs ago) and I was on maternity leave, I decided to maybe try type up one of those stories.  I happened to have a vampire in it.  Not long after that, I picked up The Vampire Lestat, and also the remake of the Dark Shadows was playing on TV.  So those two influences sort of broadened and cemented the spark of interest I had in vampires.

What do you consider to be the key elements of a great vampire story?

Blood, sex, adventure.  :-)  You’ve gotta have the bite, or rather the need to bite for survival.  It is what makes a vampire a vampire.  Sex is always good, and pretty much belongs in a romance.  And I love adventure.  I need my characters to be doing things, experiencing the world, coming up against forces of evil and all that jazz.

What is your new novel “Her Vampire Husband” about?

It’s an arranged marriage story.  I wanted to put together two individuals who would not normally appeal to one another and then stand back and see what happened between them.  At the same time, the worlds they inhabit are warring against one another, so there is this heightened need to sink or swim, and they learn that by joining forces they can stand against what threatens them most.

Ok, here’s a question I ask all authors I interview (I’m a music junkie): I’ve noticed that most of the authors I follow on Twitter talk about the music they’re currently writing to. What kind of setting/atmosphere do you find most conducive to your writing?

First, I included a soundtrack list at the back of the book, because I tend to have theme songs for characters and even scenes.  So if you’re interested, do page to the back and check that out.  I get a lot of inspiration from music but I can’t actually write new pages with music playing.  I need quiet.  For editing I’ll crank the tunes, and it’s usually a very eclectic mix.  Anything from Metallica and Disturbed to Adam Ant and Adam Lambert.  Point of Grace and Def Leppard, to Korn and flamenco stuff.

If you had to choose between a vampire or a werewolf lover, which would you choose and why?

Hmm, I’m partial to vamps, but not so much about the bitey stuff.  And werewolves (at least in my world) are fiercely protective and can be rather playful lovers, so I would probably go for one of them (though the hairy stuff might turn  me off).  :-)

Who’s your favorite fictitious vampire (other than your own)?

I’ve always adored the brat prince, Lestat.  But let’s see, if he were standing aside Spike?  Hmm…  No, I still think I’d go with Lestat.

Women seem to feel especially attracted to vampires, why?

I think the romance novels have crafted the vampire as this attainable, dark, seductive creature that will slink into your life on a shadow and seduce you to take his bite that will offer you glamour, adoration and everlasting life.  How can you not be attracted to that?
What attracts me is the potential history the vampire could be carrying with him.  I go for the older guys, at least a few centuries old.  How cool would it be to have a conversation with a man who has walked through history?

And finally, what other projects are you currently working on? Any goodies we should watch out for?

Right now I’m finishing up SEDUCING THE VAMPIRE, which will be out in Jan 2011.  This is another look at werewolves and vampires in the same world I always write in, but it will be set in the 18th century (most of the story, that is; some is modern).  And after that I’ve a story about a vampire who was raised in Faery, which I can’t wait to get started because that one will be fun.
In June ‘10 watch for a new series, Of Angels and Demons, which explores those two characters in  my world.  The angels are not necessarily the good guys, nor are the demons bad.  And there are vampires, too.  Vamps just seem to pop up everywhere!

And if you’re totally not into the paranormal and just want a fun action/adventure story, I write for the Rogue Angel series (Alex Archer pseudonym), and have a new one in that series out in May, THE BONE CONJURER.  So check that out!


– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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    1. Loved the interview….wish it was longer! I have so many more questions I’d love to hear your thoughts on!

        1. OK, I narrowed down the million questions that I have for you!

          I know that you read a lot of the paranormal romance stories out there since you sink your teeth into books with the Bite Club. How do you come up with your own original characters and plots? With (and I am going to use a REALLY scientific term here) a gajillion paranormal/vamp stories out there, how do you keep your ideas free from the taint of reading other books in the same genre? And by “taint” I mean the residual thoughts left about that book or the characters that may work itself into your story. Perhaps it might affect you by you changing where your story was headed. Maybe that doesn’t even come to mind when you write.

          When you read a vamp/paranormal book by another author do you secretly compare or contrast your books?

          How long does it take you to complete a manuscript? Do you read books while you are in the process of getting the story down?

          It sounds like you keep a couple balls in the air at a time. Do you have a stack of ideas for stories that you jot down as you go along? How do you narrow down what project is next and so far in advance like Of Angels and Demons due in 2011?


          1. Tristan, how do I keep from doing what others are doing in the vamp/were world? I don’t get a chance to read for pleasure a lot lately, so I really don’t know what others are doing. I do have my favorite writers, though, and they amaze me with their creativity. But I have my own ‘world’ in my head, with ideas of who does what and how, so I usually don’t even think about what everyone else is doing.

            Do I secretly compare my books to others? ERm, not really, but maybe sometimes I’ll be like ‘oh, she did that too!’. But it’s nothing I really worry about.

            To complete a manuscript it can take anywhere from 4 months (for a shorter story like the Nocturnes) or 6 months or more for a longer book. I do read while I’m writing, but not a lot. I love to read for research though, and usually always have some kind of research book going, mostly something on Paris.

            I do usually have a few stories going at a time. I am writing for Nocturne, and now also HQN, so I’ll usually have two seperate contracts for stories. Every paranormal book I write is set in the same ‘world’, so that helps when I have crossovers (like vampires showing up in my Angels and Demons series). And I’ve started to keep extensive notes on that world recently because I realize I could write in this world forever and never get bored of it, but yet if I want to use a character I used six books ago, I can never remember the details about him or her–so notes must be made!

            And usually I can focus on the one or two stories I’m working on, but as secondary characters pop up, or my imagination strays I will sometimes find myself taking notes for new story ideas. Like today I just jotted down the statement (made by a heroine) “Tell him I will not relent.” Then she stakes a vampire in the kidney (wanted to keep him alive so avoided his heart). I have no idea what story this is for yet, but I’m already creating this new character in my brain.

            Thanks for the questions! If you ever want to ask more, feel free to post at my Facebook page or email me.

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