Extended Promo for The Vampire Diaries ‘Bring It On’

After the previous episode of The Vampire Diaries you probably want all of the dish you can get, but sadly, info is a bit limited. Why? Because The CW is teasing us fans by waiting FOREVER to air the next episode, 4.16 “Bring It On,” the one that shows Elena going bad and reveals more about Silas. This highly anticipated episode of our beloved drama won’t air until March 14. Yup, the show is on yet another stupidly long hiatus. So we have a lot of waiting to do. Luckily, they did release the extended promo for “Bring It On,” however, they haven’t shared the official synopsis for the episode yet. Rawr! Anyway, check out the extended promo below.

Extended promo for The Vampire Diaries 4.16 “Bring It On:”

In the promo video it looks like Elena is dealing with Jeremy’s death pretty well. As to be expected since her emotions are shut off.

Nina Dobrev  Issue of Canadas flareIt looks like she’s back on the cheering squad and munching on the competition, much to Caroline’s shock. One flip of the humanity switch and Elena is no longer the moody and whiny pain in the ass we’ve endured this season. Now she’s a trouble-making and uncaring pain in the ass. And we see that at the Salvatore house when Damon and Stefan get an eyeful of naked Elena. “It’s nothing you guys haven’t seen before,” she casually points out. Apparently not having your humanity means taking off all your clothes.

Of course, Stefan is worried, and he should be. Emotionless vampires tend to be very naughty.

It would have been nice if the promo showed a bit of the Silas drama, but alas, we will have to wait until March 14th for that.

What are your thoughts on what’s to come?

– Moonlight

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