Extended Promo for The Vampire Diaries ‘Stand by Me’ (Spoilers!)

Warning! There are spoilers in this post! Ok, now that I’ve got the necessary warning out of the way we can get to the goodies. Last week’s episode, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” ended on one hell of a depressing note. Silas is awake, Jeremy is dead, Bonnie is dead, Katherine screwed up EVERYTHING by running off with the cure to stop Silas, and Elena is as whiny as ever. Bad bad bad. Hopefully in next week’s episode, 4.15 “Stand By Me,” things will look up for some people. Check out the synopsis and extended promo below.

382804Official episode description for “Stand by Me:”

“THE TERRIBLE TRUTH — When Stefan arrives back in Mystic Falls with Elena and Jeremy, Caroline is immediately worried about Elena’s state of mind. Stefan reaches out to Dr. Fell and Matt for help. Still on the island, Damon relays somber news to Rebekah, and is surprised at her reaction. Together, Damon and Rebekah learn an unexpected bit of recent history from Vaughn. Everyone is horrified when Bonnie reveals the rest of Shane’s plan. Finally, after Damon does his best to help her, Elena comes up with a plan of her own.”

Check out the extended promo:

So, Bonnie is alive, as the synopsis and episode photo above reveals. I guess that’s good, I wouldn’t want her to die. As for Jeremy, things aren’t looking too hot for him, but I find it highly unlikely the show will let him die. His death would mean every family member in Elena’s life is dead, and that would be a bit much. No way could Elena handle losing every damn loved one. That would be absurd. So I am not worried about Jeremy. I am excited about what sexy Vaughn has to say about Silas. So far he just seems like yet another vampire, but there has to be more than that.

What do you think? Any theories?

– Moonlight

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I wouldn’t say he is just another vampire. If you think about it no other vampires, including the originals, can make you see dead love ones with a few drops of blood. I didn’t notice or not but was Jeremy wearing his ring?

Dark Shogun

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