Facebook Intends To Bring You NEW ‘Twilight’ Movies

It’s back!!! Two years after ‘Breaking Dawn,’ Lionsgate has announced the continuation of the ‘Twilight’…

Recently in the press and on social media, Facebook has had some very vocal critics, but it looks like with this news there will be millions of Twihard fans praising the social media site.  Lionsgate plans to release 5 “shorts,” or what you might call mini movies on Facebook. With the incredibly wide and diverse climate found on Facebook, Lionsgate’s Michael Burns feels this will be a perfect atmosphere to revamp those fans, and maybe pick up some new ones along the way.  Are you excited to see some new ‘Twilight’ movies? Leave us a comment, and let us know what you think of this news… OMG I can’t wait or please NO!!! .

source: www.mtv.com

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