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-Facial Injection Infections and an Insane Adam Lambert Lookalike

I don’t eat flesh, I just drink blood” stated nineteen-year-old Joel Davila after he attacked a cashier at a convenience store in Taunton, Massachusetts, biting off a chunk of flesh from the man’s cheek and then fingerpainting all over the floor with the man’s blood. Yet despite his initial claim, when asked by police what had happened to the chunk of the victim’s face, Davila replied: “I think I ate it, you can cut my stomach open to check.” Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, police did not take him up on his offer. Davila, by the way, is believed to suffer from schizophrenia. Dude looks like Adam Lambert to me, back before Lambert got the gig subbing for Freddie Mercury in Queen.

In completely unrelated news, but featured here because I’m combining two posts both too short to merit their own publication, people are now reporting getting HIV from having the “Vampire Facial” done at a spa in New Mexico. The two topics do have a common them, though. They both involve faces. I could offer up a review of the old FACES OF DEATH movies for a trifecta, but I’ve now hit my word count minimum and such is unnecessary.

TheCheezman • June 24, 2019

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