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Famous Monster Masks

If you are of a certain age, the accompanying photograph above this article likely brought a wide smile to your face, and possibly a touch of melancholic nostalgia as well. This is the ad that ran in the rear of many an issue of Forry Ackerman’s FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine. Gorgeous, aren’t they? I used to thumb through my old issues of FM and wish for enough cash to buy every one of them. They usually came with the matching latex hands, too. Furry claws for the Wolfman, mummified hands for the Mummy, scaly claws for the Mole Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Most all my issues of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND were secondhand purchases made by my parents for me, found at yard sales and such. I was a mite too young to properly enjoy the magazine as it was being published. Right about the time I would’ve been old enough to buy my own magazines with my allowance money, the title ceased publication. I do remember purchasing, or getting my parents to purchase for me, one issue, number 132, the King Kong special, right off the rack. This would have been in 1977. And yes, the advertisement for the masks was in the back of it.

TheCheezman • September 22, 2019

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