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Fearless Vampire Killers Release New Comic Book: ‘The Vigilante’

“The group have revealed that they’ll be releasing a brand-new comic book, The Vigilante.”

Ah, vampire music, –when I first saw this, I was like, “Omg, keep them away, hiss!” Because, y’know, me being a vampire and all, I feared for my life. But then, I saw that they weren’t, y’know The Fearless Vampire Killers that I was expecting, –they’re actually just a bunch of tasty emo kids. Especially the one second to the left. Yum, right? I’d so snack on that one there… 

Which spurred me to listen to their music, and dude, they suck nowhere near as much as those jerks in Vampire Weekend. So do check it out, –and since I also love comic books, –they score double points with me for releasing their own indie comic. They’re also releasing a novel, too, called Militia of the Lost. Try them out; theatrical rock is sort of… new to me, but I’ll give anything a shot, you should too!


annimi • February 26, 2015

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