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Fightin’ over SLENDER MAN

Honestly, this is like fighting over a beat-up old computer from the mid-90s after it got fried by a lightning strike, or a Yugo (Remember the Yugo, the wind-up car of the 80s with less than one horsepower per vehicle?) that hasn’t run since 1988. In other words, why would anybody want it? A company called Phame Factory filed a lawsuit against Sony over the SLENDER MAN movie, after Sony served them with a couple of cease-and-desist orders (honestly somebody should have filed a cease-and-desist order against that studio for even allowing the film to see a widespread theatrical release, considering how bad it is) claiming the former’s upcoming production FLAY is a case of copyright infringement. If I were the people behind FLAY, I’d be doing everything possible to distance myself from Sony’s SLENDER MAN. Apparently the problem is that the former’s monster looks too similar to the latter. Yeah, were I the folks at Phame, I’d be altering my villain’s appearance drastically. No way would I want anybody possibly confusing my movie with theirs.

On a similar note, while I am never in favor of censorship, the people in Waukesha County, Wisconsin ought to be thanking Marcus Theaters, the chain that refused to show SLENDER MAN “out of respect” to the family of the victim of the Slender Man stabbing case. Considering the quality of the movie, Marcus Theaters did them a solid.

TheCheezman • August 17, 2018

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