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Fill Out A Form For Dracula

I saw this on social media and thought I’d share it. I’m always glad to help out an aspiring student. Cut the young lady some slack if her English isn’t polished and perfect. It is, remember, her second language. Or it might be her third, or fourth, of sixteenth. The point is, it isn’t her FIRST language, one would assume, since she is from Romania and attends Transylvania University. Her project sounds interesting. I’ll let her tell you about it herself. “…I make a survey in my dissertation thesis that addresses to foreign tourists that comes to Romania because they are interested on Dracula’s myth. Please help me to make my research by completing these survey .The answers will be summed up and will be used as the reference base in this thesis .Completing the survey it takes 5 minutes.” The wordage is downright charming. I filled out the form. It’s short and easy. You should fill it out, too, if you have ever visited, or ever plan to visit, Dracula’s homeland. I belong to the latter grouping, I’m sad to say, but I WILL get there someday. And when I do, it will be exclusively because of Dracula.

The first two questions are basically the same question. The third—Have you ever heard about Dracula—is laughable. But the question pertaining to Dracula’s place of origin is incomplete. “From where do you think Dracula comes from?” (This puts me in mind of the Spinal Tap song, “Tonight I’m gonna rock you tonight.”) she asks. But Wallachia, which is the technical correct answer, isn’t an option. And one could answer “Great Britain” and also be correct, as Bram Stoker lived there and he largely created Dracula, or the fictitious aspect of same.

TheCheezman • June 13, 2018

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