Finally, A Vampire Satire That Doesn’t Diss The Genre: ‘The Sins of Dracula’

Plenty of Sinful Satire In ‘The Sins Of Dracula’

A lot… a metric f*ckton even, of movies out there, make fun of recent vampire films, especially Twilight –but truth be told, they’re really asking for it, –but most of these movies aren’t actually making a point of pointing a finger at anything other than the vampire horror genre. That’s why The Sins of Dracula is so refreshing. It’s a vampire satire film that actually pokes fun at the Christian scare flicks, –you know, like Reefer Madness, –where they try to scare you away from drugs or other delinquent behaviors. Not like Jesus Camp, where reasonable people try to scare you with Christians.

A goofy Christian guy named Billy goes with his girlfriend, Channon, a non-Christian and joins her theater group. The leader of the indie theater group, Lou Perdition, has ulterior motives: using a production called “Jonestown Jubilee” to harvest innocent blood to raise Count Dracula from the dead, and build an army of vampire actors. According to the review, the film is actually really funny, and only a few of the jokes are a bit lame or miss the mark. It’ll probably end up on Netflix in the short run, so keep an eye out for it. I know I will.

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  1. I just got this movie sight unseen this week, it turned out to be hilarious from beginning to end.
    It lets you in on the joke from the very beginning, the film is set in the 80s when a few (not all Christians suppressed Music, Alternate Lifestyles, Drug Use, Homosexuality and Dungeons & Dragons because they could get attention and make money off of it.
    Choir Billy is a Caricature as is all the characters in the film, he is a young too innocent Ned Flanders type boy who is encouraged to take up Community Theater by his sexually frustrated girl friend to the horror of his .
    He meets minister the group and does not understand any of them.
    When we meet the leader of the community outsiders Lou Perdition he comes across as a cartoon character Devil right down to the red Suit.
    After killing his satanic partner after copulating with her Lou uses her blood to resurrect Dracula.
    Lou intends to sacrifice Billy who is so pure his loss would be an affront to God to his Master.
    Members of the group start turning to Vampires and pursue the others.
    One very funny scene is a direct lifting of the window scene from the Lance Kerwin, David Soul movie ‘Salems Lot’.
    Billy ends up having Sex, Lou doesn’t realize that the sacrifice to the silent Dracula I no longer pure.
    The next day his Girl Friend is kidnapped so he and his Minister must try to save her.

    The comparison to ‘Reefer Madness’ is a valid one but this film lacks the preposterous melodrama – it sets out to parody Christian cautionary tales but it is a bit better than a Christian group would have created, the sex scenes while not graphic would have been too far for comfort.
    The Color in the film is sublime, you can tell they went to a lot of effort to make this film look great.
    The DVD comes with two commentary tracks and a short called ‘They Stole The Pope’s Blood’ I have yet to watch.
    I recommend this film VERY Highly, I have foun several new Dracula films that were a diapointment but this is a magnificent film. and at 81 minuets it has a decent pace.

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