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A couple of weeks back I stated publicly that I would not be watching the new Netflix series THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, out of respect for the 1963 film THE HAUNTING, which is a true masterpiece and cannot be topped, and because the remake of that film, also called THE HAUNTING, was so bad that it made me gun-shy. Then I had to take back those comments after I learned about the bit of fun to be had trying to spot all the ghosts hidden in plain view throughout the series. (The stupendous reviews the new series is getting didn’t hurt, either.) Thanks to IMDB, if I *were* still adamant about not watching the show, I wouldn’t have to in order to see all the ghosts. You can see them all, too, right here in this comprehensive video. (Consider that a spoiler warning.)

There’s talk about doing a second season of the series, but the creators have said that this particular story is finished. What we’d have, then, is, I would imagine, a new family moving in to Hill House. (Hill House is still standing at the end of the season isn’t it? I haven’t watched it yet, and won’t be watching it anytime soon, as I don’t livestream. I’ll have to wait for the DVD.) Would this mean all new ghosts? Will we be playing find-a-ghost again next season?

TheCheezman • November 13, 2018

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