Finding Blood Sources Might be Trickier than It Seems

We may not be living in a Daybreakers world just yet, but it’s true that finding sources of blood can be somewhat tough for modern vampires. While there are many vampire bars and vampire groups where blood is readily available, these are often only open during certain hours and let’s face it, not only is this an expensive and impractical option, but sometimes you might need blood when the doors are closed. You might be lucky enough to already know someone that is willing to be your blood source. But if not, you’ll have to find someone. And that might be a little tougher than you think.

The first step that many modern vampires take is by putting an ad in a newspaper. If this is a route that you want to choose, please remember to be very careful. You definitely don’t want to run an ad in any old local paper. Instead, choose a vampiric newsletter or magazine and you’ll have much better luck. Also, just like when you’re taking out any other ad, remember to be very careful if someone answers. You want to be sure that you get some information about them and talk to them over the phone or through emails until you feel comfortable meeting them in person.

If that doesn’t work, or you just don’t feel comfortable taking out an ad in a paper, you might want to try joining local groups where you could meet other people who are interested in vampires. Look up websites (just like the one you’re reading) and start talking to people about vampires. Let them know you’re interested and form a friendship with them. Lay a foundation of trust before asking them to be your donor and meanwhile, try to get a feel for how they would react to your asking them such a thing. Some people might be turned off by it but there are many people willing to be donors for modern vampires.

Whenever you’re talking to people about becoming donors, it’s important that you assure them that they will be perfectly safe and unharmed. And of course, make sure that you don’t have any sores in or around your mouth, regardless of whether  you’ve just met your donor or not. Taking blood with cuts and scrapes around your mouth is just yucky anyways.

The relationship between a modern vampire and their blood donor can be very intimate. Some have said before that it’s even more intimate than having sex with someone. Finding a donor can really be the start of a beautiful friendship. You just have to find one first!

– Kate


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  2. Loadsa people think I’m mad coss I’m willing to be a ‘blood source’ for a vamp. The problem is I don’t know how to go about finding a vamp. Does anyone have any ideas? I live in the U.K. And it seems that the chances of finding a vamp are the same as me becoming a millionairess :\

    1. look, i am one. and we might be hard to find but if you see someone trying to be normal then they are probly a vampire. i guess if you come out and say something like hey you like blood? its easier to find one. because if someone asked me that i wud say hell yea and be like you wanna go somewhere? :) ha

      1. I am extremely new to vampirism, and the turning ritual was somewhat strange, I depended on another vampire for food whom which is now gone, I have lots of questions, if you think you could help me out at all please respond

  3. Is it just me? or does this not seem like the perfect business opportunity waiting to happpen? BloodMatch Dating service SOOOOO has a nice ring to it.

    I’d say it’s either something like that or hustling up favors to Jed your local goat farmer for bucket’s’o’blood like I do….

    and the dude doesn’t always wash….ewwwwww! ;)

    1. That does sound totally cool! I’m still new to being a Sanguine, but it does sound like a good opportunity for us blood drinkers.

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  5. Hey, does anyone know a Sangunairian website I can go on? I think I might be one and I can’t talk to my family about it because they’d think I was a freak.:<

  6. i love vampires did you know i am one thats because not many of us drink human blood but if you ever hear someone died or was put in the hosspittle because of a animal attack it is probley not one of us because we like to keep a low profile

  7. lol yeah… low profile? Well i would rather kill a human than my pet haha.

    And to stick up to the topic, here’s my opinion;

    I would never donate bc i would be the one forcing you to donate to me :]
    One main rule, and pretty easy to understand ;)

    Pff… >.> i wish i had damon all to myself lol (That was so random )

  8. I’m interested in being a blood donor but i don’t know where to go to become one. I would like to talk to my family about this but they already think i’m nuts(i’m just very weird). I would like to know the risks of being blood donor because so that i know what to expect. can someone please help me?

    1. put out an add on a vampire website. they give you free adds a lot of the time. You could also just look for adds that vamps put out. I found about 15 today

  9. Well it’s not that hard…

    There’s 5 methods when it comes down to it.

    1. Blood donor, hence either someone you’re close to or find one through a ad.
    2. Animal Blood (any farms near you? Don’t go to a pet shop, thats way to expensive… unless you plan on keeping it alive and collecting a small amount of blood from it over a long period)
    3. Blood packs, you need a prescription for a blood transfusion due to some sort of medical condition or if you have a special contact on the inside.
    4. Kill evil people. So can be but not limited to,
    Greater Evil – Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles
    Lesser Evil – Pimps, Drug dealers, Bullies
    Useless – Homeless (you’d have to be a little evil for that), Elderly (only those who have Dementia), anyone on their Death bed (due to some incurable life threatening illness)
    5. Kill any innocent person (so for the real monstrous, uncaring vampires)

    If murder isn’t part of your morality then you may disregard the last 2, but well if you have to drink blood in order to survive then you won’t really have a choice.

    1. I don’t think you understand :) This isn’t a movie vampire post, this is about real sanguinarians. So movie and book methods for getting blood really won’t work since this isn’t fiction.

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