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Fireside Chats: 28 DAYS LATER

When this movie released in 2002 it was a real game-changer. It reinvented the zombie cinematic archetype and introduced the world to Cillian Murphy. If you haven’t seen it in a while there is no better time to revisit it, dealing as it does with a pandemic and the collapse of civilization. That’s what Horror does; it helps us to process the real-life horrors of the world. Coronavirus doesn’t seem so scary when compared to a zombie apocalypse.

As the movie opens, the protagonist, Jim (portrayed by Murphy) awakens from a coma to discover that the world has gone to hell while he was sleeping. (Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD similarly awaken from a coma to discover a zombie uprising? No, surely not. Surely THE WALKING DEAD wouldn’t steal an idea from someone else. T’ain’t possible.) At the outset of this pandemic, when it became obvious that we were all going to have to go into seclusion for several weeks, I made the comment that I would like to be able to go into a selective coma, to just lie down in bed and sleep through it all, to awaken when the period of isolation had passed. I kinda still feel that way, but I’m learning to function in the midst of this quarantine, just like everybody else. And I’m watching a LOT of movies.

TheCheezman • April 12, 2020

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