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Fireside Chats: Batman’s Long Halloween

It was inevitable. With production shut down on Mat Reeves’s THE BATMAN, starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, they simply wouldn’t have had enough time to get the movie finished and ready for its summer 2021 release. If anything it’s a sign of hope that they only moved the release date back to October. That means they’re expecting to be able to get back to work again soon filming it. And in honesty, an October release might just fit the movie better, depending on how dark and nourish Reeves intends to make it—and he says that it will be very nourish. A few months won’t make that much of a difference. The only problem is, the schedule shift now means that THE BATMAN will open against HALLOWEEN ENDS. The two movies are for sure going to split the geek crowd and divide the box office dividends for both films. But THE BATMAN will in all likelihood get a PG13 rating, so that will help its haul. Still, it’s unfortunate. Blame the ‘Rona for it.

Another unfortunate result? As soon as THE BATMAN was moved from its release date, Sony jumped on it, moving VENOM 2: THERE WILL BE CARNAGE from a release this October to the summer 2021 slot previously occupied by the Caped Crusader. This means that the new VENOM movie won’t have to compete against HALLOWEEN KILLS this year, but it also means that we’ll have to wait longer to see it.

TheCheezman • May 6, 2020

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