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Fireside Chats: Closing the Fireplace

On the day when it seemed the world was shutting down and the CDC was calling for eight weeks of quarantine, I put a black “56” on the calendar (‘cause 8 weeks x 7 days per week = 56 days). Each successive day I wrote another number on the calendar, counting down. The lockdown didn’t end the day after I wrote a number “1” on the calendar, but there was talk. Things are slowly returning to normal. All the museums, theaters, and pretty much anything entertainment-related is still shuttered, but restaurants here in Alabama are open again, and I can tell you firsthand that nobody is worrying about social distancing anymore.

If the summer heat and humidity doesn’t take some wind out of the ‘Rona’s sails, we’re gonna see a huge upswing in numbers of the infected in about a month, because of the protests. And even if the protests don’t lead to a massive resurgence, we can be sure that ol’ ‘Rona will be back with a vengeance in the fall. Will we have to go into lockdown again? I don’t think so. I don’t think people would be willing to do it again, not now. I think there’d be riots if the government tried to force it.

We’re moving in baby steps away from the days of quarantine, but we *are* moving. So it is that I will be retiring our “Fireside Chats” feature. I pray to God we never need it again. I hope it helped, just a tad, while we were all going through the lockdown together. I’ve been looking forward to the day that I could discontinue the Fireside Chats. It looks like that day has arrived. If I don’t shout “Hallelujah!” it’s only because Rona is still with us. On the day that it isn’t anymore, *then* I’ll do my shouting.

TheCheezman • June 24, 2020

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