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Fireside Chats: Coronavirus Hallucinations

It has been theorized that the hallucinations that sometimes accompany episodes of sleep paralysis inspired or helped to inspire the belief in vampires and cases of alien abduction. Accounts of these hallucinations are certainly terrifying enough, but accounts of this new malady called “ICU Delirium” may be even worse. People who got hit hard by the ‘Rona and had to be placed on ventilators to keep them alive are recounting experiencing some freaky side-effects. According to THE ATLANTIC: “COVID-19 survivors who were critically ill describe frightening experiences in the intensive-care unit. ‘I was positive they were trying to kill me,’ one young patient says. She was experiencing ICU delirium.”

What kind of things have these people experienced? Having limbs sawn off by evil nurses sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? Confusion is understandable, but seeing phantom people without faces? People with animal heads? Blood running down walls? Thinking you are being placed inside a crematorium while you are still alive? I would expect that people “see” the things they are most afraid of, images conjured from their subconscious. And being sedated exacerbates this situation. Yikes! And this supposedly affects 80% of people who are put on ventilators and can, like PTSD, continue even after the patient is released from the hospital. The hallucinations follow them home.

Damn. Wear your masks when you go out, people. You do not want to end up like this.

TheCheezman • June 3, 2020

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