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Fireside Chats: Dining with Nosferatu Part II

I wrote last week—I think it was last week; I’m finding that I’m having a little trouble keeping my days straight here in the midst of all this “social distancing,” aren’t you? My weekends were always clearly demarcated; that was when I went out and did stuff. These days I’m not going out and not doing stuff, and all the days have become uniform, indistinguishable.—about that scene from Werner Herzog’s NOSFERATU remake, where the people are dining out in the street, surrounded by rats. In New Orleans they aren’t too far removed from being able to do that. If somebody wanted to set up a table out in the middle of the street, that is. If somebody could do that, even, without getting into trouble. But if someone could and someone did, they’d likely have the necessary rats to serve as props. The rats are taking over the streets in the Big Easy.

It’s believed that a lot of people infected with coronavirus went to New Orleans for the recent Mardi Gras celebration and left their germs behind. That’s why the city is being slammed so hard by the disease. And with all the restaurants closed, there’s no food waste for the rats to eat. And, without foot traffic to keep them in check, they’re swarming the streets. New Orleans has its associations with vampires, as you know, but there has so far been no confirmation that Nosferatu is in town, just his furry little friends.

TheCheezman • April 7, 2020

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