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Fireside Chats: Hurry Up and Bury ‘Em!

Not to make light of the situation at all, but because we know that referencing real-world horrors in Horror entertainment can be and is therapeutic, I’d like to share my thoughts upon first reading this linked article. New York City, due to its congested overpopulation, has been hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, so much so that the deadline for people to claim the bodies of those who have died from the disease has been shortened to just fourteen days. After that, any unclaimed remains will be shuttled off to the Potter’s Field burial site on Hart Island, where mass graves are being dug and plain wooden caskets stacked like cordwood. Normally there are some 25 burials there per week. Since the coronavirus outbreak that number has increased to around 25 per single day.

Okay, this sounds awfully grim, yes. But the numbers of sick and dying, as of the time of this writing, do seem to be leveling off in the Big Apple, and those who are ending up on Hart Island represent only a small percentage of the city’s overall population. That’s a good thing. And it isn’t like it was during the Black Death, when victims were dying so fast that there sometimes wasn’t time to bury them, or people to do the digging, and they didn’t have cemeteries with any room to do the burying if they had.

Hart Island is a creepy place under the best of circumstances. There’s an aura of grief, bitterness, and restless spirits. How much sadder and creepier will it be now?

TheCheezman • April 21, 2020

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