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Fireside Chats: Restless Leg and Night Terrors, Part Two

Read the first installment in this series—which was intended to be the *only* installment in this series—before you read this one. It will make more sense that way.

So this past weekend I had another of my (thankfully infrequent) experiences of sleep paralysis. This one was the worst I’ve ever had. I still had no hallucinations, thank God, but this time I did experience a little of what so many people report, that sense of not being able to breathe, of something pressing down on the chest. I don’t know if there is ever anything supernatural about what people experience while undergoing sleep paralysis. What I think happened with me is, my body was asleep, and my breathing was the shallow, light breathing I typically experience while asleep but have no cognition of. Since my mind was awake, though, my impulse was to take a deep breath—and I couldn’t. Is that what makes people believe they are being attacked while undergoing sleep paralysis? That feeling of not being able to breathe?

As usual, I was able to use my right foot, then my right leg, to “shake” myself out of sleep paralysis. This time, though, something happened that has never happened before: I “shook” myself right out of bed. Like, I fell and hit the floor. My back is still sore as I sit typing this report. Ouch!

TheCheezman • May 24, 2020

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