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Fireside Chats: The Cursed Tablets

If someone tried to read any of these, and mispronounced even one word, like Ash did in AMRY OF DARKNESS when he was supposed to speak the words “Klaatu barada nikto!” before picking up the Necronomicon but he forgot the last word—it could explain a lot about what’s been going on here lately. They found a bunch of tablets at the bottom of an old well dug some 2500 years ago in a cemetery in Athens, Greece. (Why would anyone dig a well in a cemetery? That’s just asking to drink some polluted water, right there. Maybe they dug the well specifically as a means of transporting the messages written on those tablets to the gods of the underworld, to whom they were addressed.) Someone had gone to the trouble of chiseling notes to the Grecian gods onto those tablets.

They know when the tablets were dropped into the well—circa 317 to 307 BCE—because a new law had just been put into practice at that time that people couldn’t put cursed tablets into tombs anymore. Thus folks had to find a new way to get messages to the gods. Ah, then the well wasn’t originally dug for the purpose of tablet-dropping after all. Which brings us back to the question, doesn’t it, of why anyone would want to put a well in a cemetery.

TheCheezman • May 18, 2020

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