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Fireside Chats: Virtual Tours with Dracula

While we are all stuck indoors, deprived of the ability to travel, several outlets have presented themselves whereby we can experience a virtual tour of places we would prefer to visit in person. No, it isn’t the same thing as being there in the physical sense, but it’s still nice for those opportunities to be offered. Here are a few of the coolest virtual tours you may take via your trusty computer.

Click here to visit Dracula’s Castle, aka Castle Bran, not really Dracula’s Castle at all, but maybe possibly an inspiration for Bram Stoker when he wrote about Castle Dracula in is novel.

Click here to visit the Winchester Mystery House.

Click here to visit the Paris Catacombs.

Click here to visit Chernobyl.

Click here to view a walkthrough of the Overlook Hotel (aka the Hotel Stanley).

And click here to use one or all doors that will take you to places like Mos Eisley from STAR WARS; Sherlock Holmes’s residence at Baker Street; Hawkins, Indiana, the setting of STRANGER THINGS; and Jurassic Park!

TheCheezman • April 10, 2020

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