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Fireside Chats: Virtual Visits Continued

Adding to the options I listed last week whereby you can tour uber-cool locations like the Overlook Hotel, Bran Castle (aka the touristy Castle Dracula), and the Winchester Mystery House, I present these addendums.

Click here to visit Poenari, the ruined fortress that is the *real* Castle Dracula. (The use of sepia footage and the inclusion of the theme music from BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA makes this one especially effective.)

Click here to visit the house from THE CONJURING.

I should note that these are not true virtual tours. You don’t get to decide which way to look by the click of your computer mouse. They are videos; the latter in particular attempts a more cinematic experience, complete with reenactments. But they’re still cool and they still give you a good look at the locations. And like I said, that first one, filmed at Poenari, is just freakin’ lovely to watch.

TheCheezman • April 19, 2020

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