First Bite: a Teen Book by You

A little while ago, we had a post on writing vampire novels. But, if you don’t think you have a way with words and don’t necessarily want to write one, would  you like to star in one? This is exactly what Teen Book by You does with their vampire book First Bite.

Teen Book by You is a publisher that publishes novels directed towards the teenage audience. The twist is that the reader can star in the book and have their friends and family star right alongside them. First Bite is a book that’s about a young high school girl that first meets a boy accidentally in the library of the school. Unknowingly to her, she’s just met a vampire, but she can’t help but be entranced by him. Hmmm…sound familiar? The girl in the story tries whatever she can to find out more about the boy, but he’s only full of unanswerable questions. Then, even after she’s found out that he’s a vampire, the two can’t stay away from each other. Yep, you know how this one turns out. They fall in love, are destined to be together, yada yada yada. But although the plot might be lacking, there might be something in the way the story is presented.

If  you’re interested in starring in your own Twilight, I mean First Bite novel, you can order here from the website. You’ll be asked questions such as what you want the heroine’s name to be, the vampire’s name to be, the friends’ names to be and even asked details such as their hair and eye color – all so the book can fully reflect you and the people you love. The website is a little fuzzy on just how much ordering a book costs but they are quite adamant that for only an extra $14.95 you can personalize the book even more by adding a picture to the cover.

Even if you’re not into the idea of this book for yourself, it really could be a great gift for someone. Imagine giving a Twilight-obsessed teenage girl a copy of a book just like it where she is the star and her crush is the vampire? She would totally die!

– Kate


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  3. Lestat is the ultimate vampire, he’s the reason why I adore vampires. LOL. Anyway, Lestat is a character written by Anne Rice and he appears in books such as Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire, Lestat and Queen of the Damned. Edward Cullen is a vampire created by Stephenie Meyer who is a “vegetarian” and is in love with a human. lol I love it.

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