First Look at the ‘Blade’ Anime!

Oh yes! Blade, the big bad vampire hunter himself, has gone from comic books to live-action films, and now, he’s getting animated! A teaser trailer for the upcoming Blade anime has finally been released, unfortunately, it’s in Japanese. Yeah, this badass Blade anime is being released in Japan, not the US. Here’s why – about two years ago the anime studio Madhouse Inc. announced its four-part anime project to take popular Marvel characters and introduce them to Japanese audiences (kind of like how popular Japanese manga is sent to the US). They have already released the first three, which include Iron Man, Wolverine and X-Men. The fourth and final part of the project is the upcoming Blade anime.

The new Blade series will debut in Japan on July 1. There has been no official word on a North American release or an English dub, but since the other Marvel projects made it State-side it is safe to assume that the Blade anime will eventually come to the US too. YAY! One day we will get an animated Blade! Until then we can do nothing more than watch the teaser trailer below and try to figure out what they’re saying.

The trailer isn’t really telling me much, it’s everything you’d expect to see in a Blade trailer. Though, from the looks of it they’re going with the movie version of Blade and not the comic book Blade.

A few sites have tried to figure out what the Blade anime plot is about, but some of the translations are a bit sketchy. However a some have managed to piece together the basic plot, which involves Blade teaming up with a young vampire hunter in Japan. The two then join forces with Noah Van Helsing and Noah’s dog Razor, and together they all fight against the evil Deacon Frost and his minions in Asia.

Here’s a look at some of the concept artwork for the anime (click for full size):

What do you guys think of the upcoming anime?

– Moonlight

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