Five of My Favorite Movie Vampiresses

Vampiresses are just awesome, and we just don’t see enough of them in my opinion. From the classic high-collared vampiresses, to the modern-day ones, here are my five favorite vampiresses, in order.

#5.) Angela Bassett in Vampires in Brooklyn. Sure, she isn’t a vampire for most of the movie, but she’s still hilarious even when she’s in human form. Her humor in this movie, and the fact that Angie is hot, hot, hot, puts her in my top five. Check her out! [YouTube]

#4.) Lauren Hutton in Once Bitten. Another comedy but we just don’t see enough of these anymore. Plus, Lauren is a vampiress for the entire movie and she’s a pretty awesome one at that! [MetaCafe]

#3.) Geena Davis in Transylvania 6-5000. Simply because in this movie, Geena plays the classic vampiress that many women still dress up for as Halloween. Sleeping in coffins, classic vampiress get-up, Geena’s got it all in this one! [YouTube]

#2.) Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. You had to know Kate was going to make the list, didn’t you? Kate is just totally sexy, totally hot, and totally kick ass in the Underworld movies. There’s no way that I could have a top vampiress list and not include her! [Spike]

#1.) Ashley Greene in the Twilight Saga. My favorite, favorite vampiress of all time (and probably even my favorite vampire of any kind) is Alice Cullen. How can you not love her sweet and protective nature, plus the fact that she can totally kick ass too when it’s needed. I love, love, love Alice!


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  2. My list is so different.

    1. Diamondback from Near Dark. The “mother” figure in the group of southern vampires. She is an ass kicking woman, but loves her vampire partner too. Although a fun date for them is tearing apart people.

    2. Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. Poor girl/woman. It wasn’t her fault she was stuck in a girls body.

    3. Miriam from The Hunger. Talk about a tragic love story. When her lover starts to age, she tries to save him.

    4.Seras Victoria from the anime series Hellsing. The young police girl made a vampire by Alucard. She is conflicted about turning into a true Nosferatu, because she feels loyalty to her “master”

    5. Star from The Lost Boys. Sweet and lovely, she hadn’t killed yet, but she still had the powers.

    1. I really struggled with whether to put Kirsten Dunst on my list or Angela Bassett. I only chose Angie because I like her better as an actress overall. Aargh….damn personal feelings getting in the way! lol That’s one of the coolest things about vamp fans though, is that we all love the same thing, but for different reasons!

  3. 1. Lucy from Bram Stoker´s Dracula.
    2-4. Tie between Aleera, Verona and Mariska in Van Helsing.
    5. Any Hammer vamp.

    1. I’ve actually never seen that movie. But since there are not one but TWO vampires from that movie on your list, I guess I’m gonna have to pick it up! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Alice Cullen kicks ass. And Ashley Greene. NOMNOMNOM.
    I have a Jacob/Taylor cardboard cut out (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with loving a muscle-bound, hormone-fueled teenager… Well, not when you’re a hormone-fueled teenager yourself), but when my Dad bought it he was like “Are you sure you don’t want the Alice one?” :’)

  5. Alice is deffiantly pretty sweet and i love her too. plus you guys are right Alice can totally kick some ass! she is like the best actress in the Twilight Saga, i cannt wait to see how she fights in Eclipse… (that is going to be so amazing!)

  6. who played the character Lucy in the movie Dracula staring Frank Lanchella? She is my favorite vampires and so is the hot talented woman in Underworld!:)

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