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Flying Saucers Over Hollywood

Did Ed Wood fashion the flying saucer props used in his masterpiece PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE out of pie pans? According to some sources, yes. (I attempted this myself some time back, fashioning a flying saucer out of two Dollar Tree pie tins, and the results were quite satisfactory, achieving a makeshift flying saucer that did indeed resemble the saucers in the film.) Other sources allege that Wood had purchased some plastic models and that it was these, in slightly modified form and attached to fishing line, that he used in the movie. A careful viewing of the movie supports the latter explanation.

I recently purchased an “official” reproduction of that model kit. (This reminded me how woefully unskilled I am at putting model kits together; at a mere skill level 2 I still managed to glue my fingertips together twice and had a helluva time getting the model to stay together. “Simple kit for young/inexperienced builders” my ass! But that’s neither here nor there.) The Polar Lights recreation of the Lindberg Flying Saucer kit is supposed to be an exact match. I’ll let you know how it looks if I can ever get the thing to stay together. The Lindberg saucer, by the way, is said to have been the “world’s first injection-molded science-fiction model.” Its real claim to fame, though, will always and forevermore be the fact that it was used in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

TheCheezman • January 10, 2020

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