…For the Night is Dark and Full of Gingers!

““In Greek myth,” it is said, “redheads turned into vampires after they died.” Others have claimed throughout the ages (in the pejorative sense, though largely tongue-in-cheek) that redheads may likely be vampires from birth.”

Are you Ginger-phobic? Maybe you have a good reason to be, –as it turns out, many cultures, the world over, believe in some seriously strange superstitious stuff (try that five times fast!) when it comes to natural redheads, –human sacrifices, psychic sensitivity, witchcraft, and most importantly, that they will return as vampires after death!

The author shares some very interesting information, such as the historical persecution and superstition of redheads, as well as the biology behind red hair, and debunking a few stories about them as well. Are there any psychic vampire witches among our readers that -happen- to have red hair, –natural red hair, no box jobs? Or can any redheads in our audience claim to be more sensitive to intuition?

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.

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