Forsaken Clans

We have covered a lot of browser games on this site, and while everyone seems to love playing them, I hear a LOT of complaints. The biggest issues being:

1. Too many Twilight fangirls.
2. The moderators don’t care about the players or the game.
3. The forums suck.
4. Childish and rude players.
5. The game gets boring fast.

I could go on and on listing off the reasons people hate certain browser games, but instead I’ll give you a solution – Forsaken Clans. The creator of this new vampire game got sick of all the problems he had with other online games, so, he made his own.

When asked about the gameplay Forsaken Clans creator answered,

“I have this game set up so that the higher you go in level the more stuff unlocks. When people hit level 35 they can get hellhounds that they train just like their players and use them to fight and for defense. The HH is basically just another player in the game. When people hit level 80 there is a game within the game that could be played without even playing the main game. It is a drug running game where they buy drugs in other cities and smuggle them to the lower cities were the other players in the game buy them to use in the game.

Once a player hits level 80 they need to use a different kind of currency to buy what they need in the game and they can only get it running drugs or by farming. There is a farmtown style farm set up in the game as well where players plant crops and wait for them to grow and then sell them at the market. While picking them they might find special items that they get plus one goes to the farmers market and the first person to grab it gets it. The main thing I hear about the game is that it is complicated because there is so much to do in it.”

He took the things he hated in other games and made sure not to repeat the same mistakes in his own. He is also constantly adding new material to the game, that way, you’re never bored and you aren’t stuck seeing the same thing over and over.

Also, like you guys, Forsaken Clans creator has also had issues with the forums on other games.

“The game is really its own social network, my forum just has one rule. You are required to post off subject.

I get tired of all these forums that yell and scream at you because you posted in the wrong place or because you didn’t look before you asked a question. No one every stays on topic in my forum and I don’t care. People are there because they know they can relax, have fun and say whatever they want and no one is going to chew them out for it.”

So if you’re one of the many that are sick and tired of the old browser vampire games, then you may want to check out Forsaken Clans.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. Awesome game, I’ve played other games online but none quiet like Forsaken Clans. Great forums and informative players willing to help out any new players and old players alike. Very addictive game play and fun to interact with others as well.

  2. I have played a bunch of browser based games, I have NEVER received a faster response to a suggestion than I have from Forsaken Clans. It must have been a good suggestion because it was implemented in minutes. A game creator that listens to his players is GOLDEN!

    There is so much to do and learn. I don’t feel the need to hang out being an annoyance in forums or chats. :D The Look is great. And I adore my Hell hound.

    A great game all in all.

  3. I am still very new to the game, just started playing a few days ago and have not stopped since, some of the other games i have played you had to wait so long before you can do anything else and this game has way to much stuff to do i have not even had a chance to do them all even playing it for days straight. Love it!

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  5. Well, all I can say is that the game has a way of bringing you in and kind of keeping you there. I have played many many games between browser based online games to many games on myspace and facebook. Now they all do have their own merits but tend to get boring or just not interesting. However you wish to word it. For me it becomes a delete and I don’t see it again. lol
    I was brought in by a good friend from another game and was just going to help her out with a referral, but I decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. As they said above, there is help for you at all stages of the game. I came in the newbie as most people do and I hate the idea of starting over. You know what, they have something in place to really help you get moving as a noob as well. So when you log in, hook up with the boot camp for a day or 2 weeks. Which ever works best for you.
    I could go on and on but I would rather be playing than typing something more. lol
    Enjoy yourself and give it a shot. I bet you will be glad you did. Heck, you might find someone you can hang out with too. :) See ya in game.
    Click my link and help me out. You know you wanna. :)

  6. I’ve been playing for about….3? 4 months now? I’m telling you it gets really addictive! sometimes there people that do get annoying, but that just gives you a good reason to kick their asses and start some friendly in game wars. If theres one thing that really gets enforced well in the game its fairness… if you’re cheating, you wont be for long. If someone tries to bully you, they wont be for long, and there are more people willing to help you out than there are questions to be asked. Being new is disorienting for any game but at least you can trust that you wont be bored in this one. :D

  7. Yes, FC is a great game, whether you are a roleplayer or just a person who digs the whole undead genre this game offers it all. The clans are usually tight knit groups who do what they can to help out their own, but out of clan friendships are never frowned upon.

    Unlike some other games i have played, FC offers a training camp that new people are more than welcome to join and learn the basics and inner workings of the game without just being thrown to the wolves as soon as you join….pun intended

    So, whether your a Vampiric type of player or your feeling the Fur this is a game that has something for everyone(18 and over), sharpen your talons, whiten your fangs and jump headfirst out of your coffins into this whole new world.

  8. This is a great game!!! its free and you have input as well.

    The owner of the site and his team are all very helpful and you dont have to wait days for an answer to ur question.
    The forum is also excellent. I would recommend this site to anyone who loves playing this type of game…WAY better than Vampire Wars or others like it.
    For those of u that are interested click on this link…

  9. This game is great! And the guy that runs it is awesome :) There is so much to do and everyone is so helpful and friendly. You will never get bored. It’s so much better than the mindless fb games where you have to friend 30 million people to level up. You should totally check out this game. You will be addicted.

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  11. What a great site………..I have just started playing and would like to praise the maker of this great game!! Thus far I have found it very interesting. I am the team leader of a great clan and we have finally reached our goal of taking the number 1 spot in the game. With that goal met, we are ready to move forward. Forsaken Clan has held my interest and I will shortly be moving new members over to join! To find a new home worthy of doing that says it all……Look out Forsaken… we come…………hehe

  12. i’ll have my eye on this game and its forums to c if wht is said here is true or not. i keep ceeing all of this about how the creator of the game actually cares about the players . what about the rest of the staff? i’m gonna find out and when i do i’ll post the facts here 4 all 2 c.

    1. Please let us know what you found out. The game only has 2 staff members and neither of us play the game, I don’t think a game can be ran fairly if players are in chrage of what goes on in the game.

      I think you will find that the staff cares as much about the players as i do, lol if not she would get fired. Yes the staff in this game is paid a real cash sallery so she does what is expected of her.

      And that is the treat the players the way I would want to be treated if I was playing a game.

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  14. I started playing this game about a couple of months after is got started. and i must say that it is a very fun game. i mean no matter what i am always entertained by this game. i mean its like an actual world of its own. where as apps in myspace and facebook may require you have friends play with you there is not actual teamplay going on. in Forsakenclans you have clans who treat ppl in them like family, you have politics of what clan attacks who, you have fueds and wars, and farms and you can even get mated and meet ppl. its like ur own little world inside ur computer but u really need to give it at least a month b4 u decide if you wanna keep playing or not.

  15. For those who don’t know, “he” is no longer with us, but the game and it’s intent to be anti zynga lives on, our new site is …Nibs

  16. The Game has changed a lot since Repo died . in some cases good . . I have been through 3 server changes now and this last one has been the worse of the lot . Game is choppy and graphics are bad . They new owners keep saying the games going get better . I haven’t seen it yes . The admins Make up rules as they go along and don’t follow their own TOS. In repos post he said the admins don’t Play well they have accounts . and I have seen them orb people . funny how all the admins are all were wolfs and that they can be owned as pets By players . They subjective and not objective as they should be. god forbid you speak up and tell them the truth . if they don’t like it your Banned from game . I have seen this a few times.
    The admins appear to be afraid of a few high paying players . all I can think is they are afraid of loosing money.
    its sad really Repo said ” I think you will find that the staff cares as much about the players as i do ” not anymore its about the Money .

  17. Whatever intentions the original developer may have had, this game as it currently plays sucks shit like flies on a dung heap. Don’t waste your time, and especially don’t waste your money – it’s extremely expensive despite the claim of being a free game.

  18. I have Played a while Now , I am going to stop Playing the TOS they are using in the Game is Made up or something and is only enforced , when the admins feel Like it . if your a buddy or a friend , you can do and get away with what ever you Like . But make a suggestion, or disagree with them and you are gone from Game .
    This is sad as I came in after the first owner had passed , and it seemed Like a very good game at first now its over priced and over changed , its just not the fun game it once was.

  19. Its gone…I went back for nostalgia and it’s gone. A lot of the things I did are gone, including this. I feel old.

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