Forsaken Clans

We have covered a lot of browser games on this site, and while everyone seems to love playing them, I hear a LOT of complaints. The biggest issues being:

1. Too many Twilight fangirls.
2. The moderators don’t care about the players or the game.
3. The forums suck.
4. Childish and rude players.
5. The game gets boring fast.

I could go on and on listing off the reasons people hate certain browser games, but instead I’ll give you a solution – Forsaken Clans. The creator of this new vampire game got sick of all the problems he had with other online games, so, he made his own.

When asked about the gameplay Forsaken Clans creator answered,

“I have this game set up so that the higher you go in level the more stuff unlocks. When people hit level 35 they can get hellhounds that they train just like their players and use them to fight and for defense. The HH is basically just another player in the game. When people hit level 80 there is a game within the game that could be played without even playing the main game. It is a drug running game where they buy drugs in other cities and smuggle them to the lower cities were the other players in the game buy them to use in the game.

Once a player hits level 80 they need to use a different kind of currency to buy what they need in the game and they can only get it running drugs or by farming. There is a farmtown style farm set up in the game as well where players plant crops and wait for them to grow and then sell them at the market. While picking them they might find special items that they get plus one goes to the farmers market and the first person to grab it gets it. The main thing I hear about the game is that it is complicated because there is so much to do in it.”

He took the things he hated in other games and made sure not to repeat the same mistakes in his own. He is also constantly adding new material to the game, that way, you’re never bored and you aren’t stuck seeing the same thing over and over.

Also, like you guys, Forsaken Clans creator has also had issues with the forums on other games.

“The game is really its own social network, my forum just has one rule. You are required to post off subject.

I get tired of all these forums that yell and scream at you because you posted in the wrong place or because you didn’t look before you asked a question. No one every stays on topic in my forum and I don’t care. People are there because they know they can relax, have fun and say whatever they want and no one is going to chew them out for it.”

So if you’re one of the many that are sick and tired of the old browser vampire games, then you may want to check out Forsaken Clans.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. What I love is the ability to give our own input, the creator of the game allows US(players) to give idea’s and he doesn’t just shove them off, he reply’s to every single post! Almost all of those idea’s given somehow get worked into the game!

    I have never played this game and had bug issues that weren’t taken care of immediately no shotty reply’s saying we will get to your problem.. It’s just DONE!

    The adult content is awesome and the people playing this game get more and more competitive and that helps me stay into it!

    I play everyday and love watching the game grow!!

  3. I have played Immortal Night and Reign of Blood both. Forsaken Clans is a nice combination or blend of both. What Forsaken Clans seems to lack is jaded admins that look the other way when their $$$ golden cows bully new players. There is a sense of community that is friendly
    and supportive. Forsaken Clan is creative, more intimate game…I give it 4 fangs

  4. This game is the bomb man and the dude that runs the game is always around if you need help and if he isn’t you can email him and most of the time he emails you right back. I have never played a game where I felt like i was more than just a player but this game just feels like one big family.

  5. ok i play forsaken clans and i love it i am totally addicted and i tend to get bored easy but wit this game i dont and you can make great friends as well plus repo is awesome too so come on by and check it out i am sure you will love it as much as i do

  6. I have been playing the game for a while now and I am totally addicted to it. Every new and old player that I talk to tells me how addicting and awesome the game is. I love this game so much because the players actually matter to the creator of the game and we are asked on things that may effect our play. There is so much to do in the game that you are always doing something and then you have the players, you can talk to the players in your clan or another clan and you get to know the people that you are playing the game with on a daily bases. I have tried other games and there is not one that stacks up to FORSAKEN CLANS so why dont you give it a try and join us.

  7. Forsaken Clans is a lot better then most other games. You actually can get help with problems in the game instead of being giving a automated response that basically says the problem is with your software. Plus the owner of Forsaken Clans will actually let you know when there is something that needs to be fixed and when he is going to fix it.

  8. I absolutely love Forsaken Clans, i’ve been apart of the game since almost the beginning and will keep playing this game until im old and gray (hehe)no seriously. There is so many things to do on this game. Everybody should at least give it a try..

  9. Former Vampire Wars player, I got sick and tired of the Zynga BS. I was looking for some other game to play and I as SO glad I found Forsaken Clan. The adult angle (no censor, cursing allowed, etc.) is a nice change and the game is so multi layered (you can fight, you can farm, you can fish, you can raise your hell hound, you can socialize, you can even specialize in drug dealing!) that you won’t get bored soon; there might actually be other things in the game I haven’t seen!
    But mainly, it’s the owner/creator who makes it so cool. Super open and 100% dedicated to players he welcomes all feedback; he even gives his personal email on forums!
    Happy player here, I invite you to give it a try!

  10. As one of the ancient ones (a clan founder) of the clans in Forsaken Clans and just as an online gamer anyway I have to say that I’ve never been happier in any other online game. Not only does the game have its own unique twists and turns but we as players have established our own rivalries which in itself adds yet another game within the game. The very first thing that grabbed my attention was that the creator listens to us players and changes the game based on our overall preferences and cares about each and every last person that plays. That’s something that I’ve never seen in ANY OTHER online game EVER. That alone was enough to keep me coming back and I’m hooked.

    ps: Repo rules! Fear The Fearless!

  11. This was a good article and so is the game. I like to play the games and pass time as much as the next guy. So many of the games get so old so fast, it’s not even funny. In forsaken clans I will forget about other games as I am having fun.
    There is a lot to learn but a good forum and very good community makes this fun and even easy.
    The owner of the game seems to care about the ppl that play which is very refreshing in a game.
    I would say give it a go, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain…

  12. When forward the link to Forsaken Clans I thought oh no not another game to start playing then leave because it just got to boring or the fun just goes out of it because there is some bully who just like to beat the smaller players down.

    How wrong was I. I enjoy playing Forsaken Clans so much that I very rearlly check in on the other on line games I play.

    There are so many wonderful and helpful players on the game and a whole new world of friend and maybe some old friend to talk to and give advise along the way. That’s one of the many things makes the game so great.

    This game isn’t a mindless clicking game like so many others I’ve played. It’s a game where there are lots of thing to do and explore, even if you are waiting on one thing there are many other things you can do. So no boring pauses. You also have to plan where your heading.

    I could go On and On about this game it is FANTASTIC.

    So please come have a look you won’t be disappointed.

  13. This game rocks its the best online browser game In existence period Ive played many other games but this is my home I have friends from U.S (Im from Canada) and places as far away as Serbia …. This is a very adult game and the creator makes no bones about it being that way … its where peeps of like mind and consciousness meet and play a kick-ass game with each-other in all there glory …peeps looking to pretend to be all emo and Vampish shouldn’t even come to the fore better they stick chat rooms and stuff (we have that too) The bottom line is The creator is a hands on dude with a competent but generous hand in dealing with his clients…. he never seems too say “okay my game is complete” this attitude makes my daily online foray into the internet world something that I look forward too and he usually never fails to impress me with something new …. anyways i hope to maybe see you in there some day (could happen)

  14. I ablsolutely LOVE this game. It has replaced almost every game i played on fb. It is an adult game for adults. It has something for everyone. Vampires vs. Wolves if you like clan wars or against everyone. Win the fight and rob them or make them your Bitch….yeah i said it. Like missions more? No prob. this game unlocks them as your skills increase. Need money: get a job, mine for gold and many more ways to get cash. People are nice and help you out even if they killed you the next day. So much to read and you can ask any questions you like without feeling like someone is going to start yelling.

    I could go on and on and on…..this game is addicting and fun. I LOVE the ppl, the many levels of complexity, the contests and the pure fun you get out of playing this game. I am a Beta Tester and I know a good game when i play one. I would rate this one: EXCELLENT! Come give it a try…..

  15. I love Forsaken Clans. It is an awesome vampire versus werewolf RPG Game that allows interaction with other players. It is a war game, so don’t be surprised if you get attacked and what not, because most the time it is not personal. You can always hit me up at my link.
    There are alot of other perks in the game, such as the Hell Hound. You can get that at level 35, and while that seems like a long ways to go once you start, you won’t regret the decision. Its added protection once you start training it. :D

    or mail me within the game at ID number 9851 and I will help you, if you choose to join, in anyway that is possible.

  16. I’ve only played online games for the past year and those have only been games on FB or games on my computer. The FB games while easy to play are repetitve- the same theme-being repeated with each new game…Imagine my surprise when I tried Forsaken Clans????? This was like no other game I have ever even seen. I was leary at first not being an experienced player that this game would be beyond my limited abilities…No so! There are Admin people monitoring the game in order to provide help on whatever level you may have….for ex. on Fb if you have a question for the game there is a massive process to go through to find the link & send in a request. Forsaken Clans has a few different options on asking questions depending on your level or urgency. And they always, always respond. You dont feel left hanging not knowing what to do next. So if you are looking for a whole new experience in game playing and you are not an experienced game player or computer user I strongly recommend trying this game,,,if you are willing to read a bit to understand how to play and if you’re willing to train ( this is very important) then come join me in the experience of your life–yes you may find yourself playing this game more than house cleaning!!!!!

    1. Sorry about that I guess that would be a pain. I don’t play the game so I makes it kind of easy for me to miss where a short cut might come in handy. I have added what you requested and thanks for giving my game a try it really means alot to me.

    2. Try to get the info on an easy solution to having to click twice.
      Also can be found by clicking the green got questions link in the game. ;)

  17. The review is spot-on, but a bit incomplete. Forsaken Clans can be a bit dauntin’ – it’s a big world, with a *lot* of things to do – besides growing your own vamp (or werewolf, if you identify with the downtrodden minority) and battling with other players, you farm, whack bots to get crystals, join existing clans (or start a new one for others to join) instead of every player growing their own, and hunt for rats in the dump. Oh, yeah – fishing tournaments, too.

    No, really – I’m serious.

    A remarkably helpful and friendly user base, player support that will amaze you with their eagerness to solve your problem or answer your question at breathtaking speed, and enough of an element of chance that the plodding, everyday actions can’t get boring. If you run a mission to get XP, you may succeed so well you get a bonus, or merely succeed, or fail, or fail so badly that you land in the dungeon. Landing in the dungeon isn’t bad, though – the user base strives to bust or bribe you out ahead of anyone else – clan, race, or rivalry doesn’t matter – they’ll get you out. I’ve never spent a full 2 minutes in the dungeon.

    Lots of freebies and bonuses, an amazing number of different things to do (lottery tickets? Yeah – even an in-game lottery, if you want to.) – and an adult theme. Not a lot of overt sex (though I’m told that the gamewide chat can get pretty steamy), but nobody’s going to be surprised or annoyed if you use the occasional expletive – and spell it correctly.

    I *highly* recommend it – and I’ve been playing it for less than a month. My website link will take you into a wide, wonderful gaming world – and I’ll do my level best to see that you get a good start, and learn your way around.

    Wanna play a game?

  18. As a player of Forsaken Clans, I would like to say the game is everything the creator states and then some. He only mentioned a few of the many things that keep the game interesting and challenging. Leveling certainly open new things to do in the game, but training is what counts the most, Clan wars are a big part of the game and this is where your training pays off.

    Now the game forum, I myself have to visit many times a day, you never know which way a topic is going and as it is an adult game it can and does go anywhere.

    So I agree, if you are tired of the BS of other browser games, want something fun and challenging, come join us at Forsaken Clans.

  19. Forsaken Clans is by far the best game i’ve played that is text based. I’ve played just about every text based game that my wii will go on which is several and came head first into many of the same problems.
    These problems were everything from childish players, not enough to do, repetitive play, click and wait which as anyone knows is boring, having to pay to talk to people on the games chat, having to pay to play and the list goes on. What happened to these other games i quit playing because they lost interest quick.
    With forsaken clans i’ve got so many options on not only how i can play but also on what i can do that everyday on this game is an adventure.
    I would personally recomend this game to everyone.

  20. I’ve played many of the vamp games out there vampire wars, reign of blood etc. and have been disappointed with practically all of them! This game I have found to be the best out there. I like having the choice to be either a vamp or a werewolf which most other games don’t have. Plus the game doesn’t get boring and I play all day in the morning till the wee hours of the night. All people considering joining a online game join me at forsaken clans!

  21. I had never found an online game that I liked well enough to spend money on before but… Well- since you don’t know me to know exactly how high of praise that is– Let me just tell you that some days I’m the top rank player in the game. That is a 0 to 60 in no time flat!!!!!

  22. Being bored with another vampire game, I followed a link to Forsaken Clans and have not been sorry. I have a clan who will truly defend each other, and there are so many missions, quests and levels of game play that I don’t have to worry about monotonous spinning or level clicking. Come check Forsaken Clans out! What do you have to lose?

  23. I’ve been playing on this for a few months and this is the first browser game that I’ve stayed this long. I always got someone who are always willing to solve my problems,my questions,etc. Plus,the other players are nice too.

    PS: the clan battle,in my opinion, is the best part (again,this is my opinion,you may like other feature,like fishing,farming,enslaving someone or just build a huge business to make yourself rich!)

    This is the link: (also it’d give me some credit,thanks for clicking on it :) )

  24. Finally a place where Darkfitter can be his true gay, unadulterated rainbow embracing, wee beastie having, kfc bucket headgear wearing self.

    No, thank you Chuck Norris.

  25. I have been playing FC for about a month or so now, and LOVE it! I have only had one problem with the game so far, a problem which i posted in the forum and got a reply with in a few minutes :D not days or weeks later. The set up of the forum is pretty simple to navigate so its pretty easy to find what you are looking for but if you cant or you post in the wrong place its ok cause every one in the forums are very nice also and helpful and wants to makes it easier to get the answer you are looking for. As for the game its self i just love it!! There is some thing for every one. Missions, farming, fishing lottery, awesome PVP, and so on. Your never left with nothing to do and the higher you lvl the more you have to do, and that in its self makes this game the best ive played!! I was so sick of leveling up and having nothing else to do but find another game to play and repeat the cycle….after awhile that gets old fast… Forsaken Clans is truly the best game i have played i highly recommend it to every one !!!!!!

  26. After playing Vampire Wars on Facebook through Zygna I find Forsaken Clan much better game to get involved with. You don’t have to worry about pop ups, out of sync messages slow processing. Combat is way better, you pick opponents in your level range to combat and no worry of fighting others way above or below you in experience. Clans are kept to a minimum so no worries of a clan of 501 to your less than 100. Questions are answer on forums in a timely manner and other players in you clan or even out help you when needed. I recommend you try this game and if you do stick with it to at least level 20. the first 20 levels are to learn about the game and gain enough experience to join a clan and go out on your own. If interested click the link below and first thing is to join Boot Camp they will see you through you first 20 levels and answer all your questions.

  27. When I started playing this game last December I was also playing about 8 myspace games that I thought I was hooked on. Walked away from all of them and never looked back.
    This is the most socially interactive game I have ever be able to talk to the creator and interact with all of the players is amazing. There are so very many aspects to the game that there are constant challenges and achievements. Games within the game. It offers so much more than other games it just leaves them in the dust.

    Check it out….show us what you are made of ;)
    This link will take you there:

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  29. This game grabs you…It starts out slow and then wow you are into it… The more people the more fun…It is a game for adults, so if you are offended by nudity, strong language, emotional email after war, then this game is not for you…You can play by yourself or with a group. I have a blast with it the people that play it are great, and the creator of the game is awesome with the support he provides.

    (standing up my ending comment) I’m a Forsaken Clan addict…

    Click below if you want to check the game out for yourself.

  30. I had become frustrated with other FB and browser based games. Was mainly playing for the camaraderie and funny chitchat
    between friends. Then several of these friends mentioned Forsaken Clans.
    I bit and am now hooked. I enjoy the game, and it can be done for a long time or in fast paced chunks of time.
    It is adaptable to *YOUR* schedule! How very wonderful and different that has been.

    If you wish to try it out, please click on the link below… I get goodies ; }

  31. I have played a few online games and I must say Forsaken has been the best I love that I can be free to be me.I love that I dont have to watch my language nor worry bout my pics best of all the game keeps me challenge theres always something to do.Oh and I love the creator as well as the mods. =)

  32. I started playing FC over 8 months ago. It’s not just a game it’s a community, where the #1 ranked player helps and converses with the newbies. The creator is there hanging out and listening to your suggestions.

    Adults only!! Who doesn’t want a place for that? If you are looking for a game, some friends and to kill creatures of the night, hit up it’s got everything.

  33. This game is the shit! I have never played an online game like these before this one to be honest! I have played this game for about 8 months now or so and have loved every minute of it. I have met some awesome people and the admin to the game is the coolest dude ever! lol I encourage everyone to play this game if you like vamp games. and if you are new then by all means use my link to sign up lmao

  34. This is one of the best games I’ve played and I’ve played several. The developer does take interest and really does listen to the players input. It is not the average teenage girl thing although he does have a PG-13 version of the game as well. I don’t know about that one because I play the Adults Only version and am completely loving it. If you would like to try it out….click….

  35. I am one of the original players for this game. I along with others helped test the game before it went public. The game is unlike any other due to the fact that you can help shape the course of the game if you so wish. It is a warring game with plenty of stuff always going on. At least give it a try and see what you think… Tala

    This is your referral link:

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