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Forthcoming Funko Marvel Zombies

These are adorable. I must have them. Some of them, anyway. I doubt either my wallet or my bookshelf would allow me to get *all* of them. I will have to be selective. Which one is your favorite? For me it’s not even close. It’s the Zombie Mysterio. I love how his fishbowl helmet is shattered and he’s just a brain inside. After that I’m not sure. The Zombie Magneto is sweet, as is the Zombie Hulk. (How scary would *that* be, if you lived in the Marvel Universe? A zombified version of the most powerful and unstoppable of all superheroes?) The Gambit with the dangling eye is properly zombielike, as is the Black Panther zombie with its missing leg. Also note that one of zombie Wolverine’s arms is denuded of all flesh, leaving only his exposed adamantium-covered bones. It’s the little details. I just love all of them.

The Marvel Zombies, in the comics, occupy a universe just like the mainstream Marvel comics universe, only a zombie-making pathogen broke out and spread before any of the heroes could halt it or the super minds like Reed Richards or Tony Stark could devise an antidote. Thus all the familiar Marvel characters are zombies, yet they retain enough of their original personalities to make them distinct. The books are fun, the equivalent of a popcorn movie in print. The zombies as drawn for the comics are not, however, as cute as the Funko figures. Go figure.

TheCheezman • March 9, 2020

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