Four Vampire Criminals & Killers

marcelo1a1. Marcelo Costa De Andrade – Called “The Rio Vampire”, Andrade grew up in the slums of Rio, was beaten, abused, and eventually became a homosexual prostitute. After a violent childhood, he began a relationship with an older man, and once tried to rape his ten year old brother. Eventually, he began going to church regularly, and to all seemed the model reformed sinner, but when he was 24 he began to kill. Overall, he killed 14 male children, all under the age of 13, because according to his religion, innocent children go to heaven. He raped and strangled them, and later practiced necrophilia. On two occasions, he admitted to drinking their blood because he wanted to be as beautiful as they were. Andrade was caught in 1991, when he fell in love with Altair de Abreu, 10 years old. After strangling and raping his 6-year-old brother, Andrade claimed that he loved Abreu, and asked the boy to live with him. The boy later escaped, and after telling his parents what happened, the police were notified. Andrade was arrested, very calmly, and confessed later, leading investigators to his victims’ remains. His statement, when asked why he killed, was “I liked the boys and I didn’t want them to go to hell.”

rodferrell2. Rod Ferrell – Rod was the leader of the infamous Kentucky Vampire Clan; here was a boy with charisma. Not only was he a violent, delusional psychopath, but he also had a Manson-Family-esque following of teens ready to follow through with criminal orders. There are numerous speculative theories as to what formed Ferrell’s criminal nature; many point to his mother, who sold drugs and is rumored to have had a sexual relationship with her son. Others place blame on the popular role-playing game Vampire: the Masquerade. For whatever reason, Ferrell eventually became obsessed with vampires, claimed he was one himself, and formed his Clan. Heather Wendorf told Ferrell that her family life was hell, and the Clan was helping her run away from home. Charity Keesee and Dana Cooper drove Heather to her boyfriend’s to say goodbye; they intended to all run away to New Orleans. While the girls were busy, Ferrell and Clan member Scott Anderson drove to the Wendorf home then beat Richard and Ruth to death with a crowbar. Ferrell claimed later that Anderson took no part in the murders. The group of teens was caught in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when Charity called her mother for money, but her mother promptly notified the police. Ferrell and Anderson are both serving Life with no chance of parole.

rvampireruda3. Daniel & Manuela Ruda – A German couple gone berserk; they believed themselves to be vampires, and chose a victim to sacrifice to Satan, –or, other sources say that their victim was chosen because the Devil needed a jester, and the guy they picked was funny. Manuela claimed in court that the Devil himself ordered them to kill the man, and indicated that her husband was possessed when he first struck their victim, Frank Hackerts. They killed him, stabbing the man over 60 times, then drank his blood, and afterward made love in a coffin kept in their home. Daniel was sentenced to 15 years, and Manuela was sentenced to 13 years, in a secure psychiatric hospital, though officials stated that there might be no chance for them to be released, because of the possibility that they may kill again.

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