Fright Night Remake

fright_nightDid you know? I didn’t but I’m so excited! The original film came out in 1985, and followed the timeless event of what a kid does when he finds out his neighbor is a vampire, –kind of a spin on the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Rear Window (1954). Charley, horror movie expert, suspects his neighbor is a vampire when he sees them move in, carrying a coffin. His suspicions are confirmed when he sees Jerry, his neighbor, chomp down on a teen girl one night. No one believes him, not even his best friend, Evil/Ed, or his girlfriend Amy. The cops don’t believe him either, and now that Jerry knows that Charley’s in on his dirty little secret, Jerry starts hanging around Charley’s mom.

frightnightCharley and his girlfriend somehow manage to wrangle the old horror host of Fright Night, Peter Vincent (played by the King of Creep, Roddy McDowall) into helping on the quest to defeat the vampire next door. And of course, I’m not going to tell you what happens, that would be cheating! There’s a 1988 sequel, Fright Night II that you have to see too, though nothing is ever as good as the original. It was announced in May of 2009 that there would a remake from DreamWorks studios which practically guarantees that it won’t suck too badly, if at all, –not to mention, that the project probably won’t be put on hold. And now there’s even more awesome news about the remake!

fright_night_movie_stillOne of the most awesome writers ever, Marti Noxon, will be writing the script for the re-make. Marti Noxon, if you’re not familiar, was responsible for the writer and producing of the effing awesome show, Mad Men, as well as writing and producing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the spin-off Angel. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the film will hold onto the horror comedy theme, and have better effects. Well, I hope the “comedy” isn’t too enthusiastic, because Fright Night was still plenty scary, even though there was plenty of funny moments as well.

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  2. I liked both Fright night films and GOOD remake would be nice, but will it be good or just useless? I´m afraid it´s latter, especially when I have never cared neither Mad Men nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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