FRIGHT NIGHT Virtual Reunion and Script-Reading

First we got news that the surviving cast members of DARK SHADOWS (the original series) would be reassembling on Halloween night for a reunion. Now comes word via filmmaker Tom Holland (not actor Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, or novelist Tom Holland, who wrote LORD OF THE DEAD, which features Lord Byron as a vampire) that the original cast of the original FRIGHT NIGHT, along with some special guests like Mark Hamill and Rosario Dawson (Wait, I thought all the SJWs decided to “cancel” her? How can she still be in existence?), will be taking part in a special script-reading and question-and-answer session on Friday October 30th at 8 PM EST. Okay, this sounds cool. One would suppose the event will be available on Twitter, where Holland made the announcement this past week.

This year has sucked, big time. To have Jerry Dandridge back, even if it’s only in our collective mind’s eyes as we listen to Chris Sarandon recite his lines from the film, is a nice little tonic. Granted it hasn’t been confirmed 100% that Sarandon will be involved, but honestly, why would they even bother doing it if he wasn’t? You can’t have FRIGHT NIGHT without Jerry, and you can’t have Jerry without Chris Sarandon. (This isn’t a script reading for the 2011 remake, or else they might bring in Colin Farrell.)

UPDATE: Sarandon WILL be involved!

By TheCheezman

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