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Frozen Dead Awaits Reanimation

Y’all forgive me for using an article from Fox “News” as a springboard. I promise you, if the article had anything to do with current affairs or politics, I’d pass it up, or at least make sure that I labeled it as a probable piece of fiction before citing it. It doesn’t, though. This is one of those unusual “soft” news stories that can be found anywhere. “Faux” just managed to snag it this time around, and managed to snag my interest in the process. As this is an entertainment site, we don’t do the politics thing; there’s enough of that and then some in the real world. I will thus take one little swipe at the news conglomerate’s veracity (it ain’t got none) and proceed with the titillation, if it’s all the same with you.

James Bedford was (or should that be “is”?) a World War One soldier celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his cryogenic freezing. He died in 1966 at age 73, then got put into the deepfreeze at Alcor Life Extensions Foundation in Arizona, one of only three such institutes in the world. (That we know of; I’m betting the government’s got one or two hidden away somewhere—plus there’s the one underneath Disneyland, right?) Bedford has been on ice longer than any other human popsicle. (That we know of.) A review of the state of his frozen body a couple of decades ago noted, curiously, two puncture marks on the guy’s neck. Um, what exactly was the cause of death, again, and are they SURE about it?

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TheCheezman • February 9, 2017

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