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Full-frontal Zombie Action on THE WALKING DEAD

I’ll leave it to the more, shall we say, “devoted” fan sites to debate the importance of that helicopter on the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD. Or who Negan let into his car. Or what Norman Reedus had for breakfast. My mark-dom (Should that be “mark-ness”?) for THE WALKING DEAD is periphery. Zombies don’t do it for me the way vampires do, or werewolves, or mummies–and yes, I do know how thin the lines are that separate the former and latter entities from zombies, but we geeks are good at nothing if not nitpicking. Still, when I saw the headline promising the first ever fully nude zombie on the series, it grabbed my attention. Not because I’m a perv or a necrophile. I suspect our brains are just preprogrammed to take notice of anything and everything sex-related. Does “nude” equate to “sex”? For heterosexual males, yes, it does. Every time. Even if the individual who ends up being nude is NOT something we’d ever want to see. We hear the word “nude” and it flips a switch. (Guys are kinda pathetic, yo.)

So, then, the first ever fully nude zombie, as revealed by Greg Nicotero over on Instagram. Here she is, folks! Or here HE is! You can’t tell from looking whether this zombie is (was?) male or female. The telltale parts seem to have dropped off. If I had to guess, I’d say male, but really, does it matter?

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TheCheezman • April 9, 2018

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