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George Romero’s PET SEMATARY

This one will have to sit near the top of the list of movies we never got to see but would have liked to. Did you know that George Romero was in the running to direct the original 1989 PET SEMATARY? Stephen King wanted him for the job. This isn’t surprising when you consider that King and Romero had by that point a record of working together on CREEPSHOW. Despite having two such names attached, would you believe the studios didn’t want to make the movie, believing that Stephen King movies were “played out”? (The idiots in the suits in the offices are NEVER right about ANYthing. You’d think somebody would have figured this out by now.) By the time they did get around to filming the project, George Romero was no longer available, as he had committed himself to the movie MONKEY SHINES. Alas, what could have been…

The original PET SEMATARY might never have been made at all, or at least wouldn’t have been made at the point in time when it was made, if not for a writer’s strike that took place in 1988. Whenever there is a writer’s strike, studios panic and greenlight scripts they had previously rejected, lest they run out of material to release to theaters. This typically results in a lot of garbage films being made. In this case, though, it led to us getting PET SEMATARY, which probably led to us getting the IT miniseries, beautifully ironic since it was the success of the theatrical remake of IT that led to the remake of PET SEMATARY.

TheCheezman • April 16, 2019

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