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Get Your Classic Movie Viewing On This Halloween!

I recorded a lot of shows this past summer during the National Geographic channel’s SharkFest and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Like, almost everything they aired. And I already had a bunch of stuff recorded. Old (and newer) Godzilla movies, old Tarzan movies. I’m going to have to start clearing some space in the queue, though, because TCM is airing classic Horror movies all month long, and even though I have an extensive DVD collection, there are still plenty of movies on the schedule that I don’t currently own. Check out the schedule for yourself here.

Boris and Bela. Vincent Price. Christopher Lee. The indomitable Lon Chaney. And the two DARK SHADOWS movies, NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS and HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, will both be getting airplay. And as for the other offerings, they aren’t just the standard to-be-expected samplings, either. There are some of the more obscure classics like RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK, THE OLD DARK HOUSE, and THEATRE OF BLOOD. The Mummy is this year’s monster mascot and will be represented in several samplings, as will Frankenstein, who is celebrating his 200th anniversary this year.

I’m a kid in a candy store, here. A kid in a candy store.

TheCheezman • October 5, 2018

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