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It isn’t carved into concrete just yet, but this is the rumored title for the forthcoming GHOSTBUSTERS movie. I dig it. I hope they go with it. It’s fitting. And they need to tag something on to the title to indicate that it is its own movie. They could, as far as I’m concerned, just call it GHOSTBUSTERS 3, since that’s what it will be, but I do like GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE better. As long as they call it something besides just GHOSTBUSTERS. I adored the latest HALLOWEEN movie, you may recall, but it still bugs me that they titled it the same as John Carpenter’s original masterpiece. It becomes necessary for we fans and industry insiders alike to tack on the tagline “2018” to delineate it from the original, or the abortive Rob Zombie remake, also just titled HALLOWEEN at the time but now known as ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN. (Or ZOMBIEWEEN.)

Speaking of abortive, that all-female wannabe remake of GHOSTBUSTERS was just called that, GHOSTBUSTERS, when it came out in theaters, too. But now it’s officially known as GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL. The studio wants to set it apart, which is what they should have done in the first place. Also, the movie tanked. Remember the Tom Cruise movie EDGE OF TOMORROW? It tanked, too, domestically (although it made enough internationally that they’re giving it a sequel), so much so that when the movie came out on video they changed the title to LIVE DIE REPEAT. Hoping audiences would forget its theatrical failures, I expect, the same way they hope audiences will forget ANSWER THE CALL. Worry not, Sony. I expect most people already have.

TheCheezman • December 8, 2019

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