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I try to be fair. Really. If I ever get paid to plug something on this or one of our sister sites ( and I will always say so. (That’s only ever happened once, by the way, and I did note in the article that I was a “compensated endorser.”) Sometimes people send me stuff to review or write about and I will do it. (If you’ve sent me something at some point but I DIDN’T cover it then either I couldn’t get to it in a timely fashion or I didn’t care for it; in the case of the latter, I will be kind and just not say anything.) And sometimes I just chance upon something that catches my interest. There’s no real consistency to it, I admit. And there’s no way I can cover EVERYthing. I will thus continue to operate in a scattershot manner.

Case in point: GHOSTER. I was not sent the link to this web comic. I am not being paid to endorse it. It is simply something I chanced upon and liked, and so I am passing it along to you. You can download the comic for free. I recommend it. The artwork is good and the storyline intriguing. People called “Ghosters” put on magical suits that allow them to enter into the shadowy “Tenebrate,” the plain of existence between life and death wherein ghosts reside, to hunt down and destroy “Malevolents” or “evil ghosts who feed
on humanity’s pain suffering and death.” There’s a typo right at the beginning of GHOSTER and I almost stopped reading when I saw it. More often than not, such things hint at an amateur effort. In this instance, I’m glad I kept reading, as I quite enjoyed GHOSTER. Check it out here.

TheCheezman • October 18, 2019

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