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Gingerbread Dracula

I once saw this cake fashioned into the likeness of a sleeping dragon. It looked like a statue. The artistry left me awestruck, yet I felt a little sad. This magnificent creation was going to end up being *eaten.* And even if nobody cut into it and ate it, there was no way it could be preserved. It was a cake, 100% biodegradable, very limited shelf life. I felt the same way when I saw this Bates Motel gingerbread house. The detail on this thing is incredible. It is a true work or art. That will end up being eaten. That saddens me, as much as I like gingerbread. At least it can be preserved for posterity in photographs.

Then there is this the gingerbread Stonehenge. The gingerbread Coliseum. (Or as I prefer, Colosseum; both are correct.) Man, even if you spray-shellaced these things they wouldn’t last. (I once tried to spray-shellac a pumpkin. It didn’t work. For a haunted house once I spray-shellaced some animal bones we got from a slaughterhouse. They lasted maybe a couple’a days longer than they would have otherwise before they went rank.) It’s a shame.

But where, I wondered, was the gingerbread version of Dracula’s Castle? Surely such a thing must exist. I found one on YouTube, the version of Castle Dracula as depicted in Castlevania.

It isn’t on the scale of the Psycho gingerbread house and motel, but it’s still impressive. And probably will taste just as good.

TheCheezman • December 27, 2018

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