Godric is Coming Back to True Blood!

First off, I’d like to issue the customary SPOILER ALERT, though if you’ve read the title, you can’t get too much more spoiled. Allan Hyde, the actor who portrayed Godric in the second season of True Blood, has signed on to return to the upcoming season of the show. But this season is going to feature Eric as having severe mental issues, and whether these will come out as violence, we have yet to see, but according to the news, this version of Godric has ‘a different side’. That almost makes me sad, because I hate to see the memory of the sweet, contrite Godric stained by the story taking a turn that will portray Godric as some sort of anti-conscience to Eric. Especially since at this point in the books, Eric is supposed to be all oblivious and shit.

DigitalSpy has the scoop on the possibly bipolar nature of Godric in the new season of True Blood:

Allan Hyde has signed up to return to True Blood.

TV Line reports that Hyde will reprise his role as Eric’s maker Godric when the show’s fourth season begins on HBO this summer.

Godric succumbed to the sunlight in the show’s second season but his spirit seemed to return to speak to Eric in the third season finale.

Details of Hyde’s new storyline have not yet been revealed. It is also not yet clear how long he will be on the show.

However, True Blood’s executive producer Alan Ball promised that viewers will see “a different side of Godric”.

The fourth season of True Blood will premiere on June 12 at 9pm on HBO.

As if we’re close enough to June to care about what specific time the show will premier? It’s frigging snowing where I live. But seriously, I’m a little uneasy about this new season; I like the deviation from the books, it keeps things interesting, and it’s not at all predictable. But a little deviation goes a long way, and a lot of deviation can be kind of irritating. Especially since the show has stuck to the story so far, but since there’s no real evidence that it’s going to spin off in some ludicrous direction, per se, being as that the show has yet to even premier, I think I’ll reserve judgment until I actually see the show. But I am on alert, I assure you. What do you think? Seriously, do you think that they’re deviating from the book too much, with all this extra shit they keep adding in? Like Lafayette and his voodoo man? And Godric being re-added? On top of all that, there’s Jessica and Hoyt?

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  4. I personally don’t like the huge deviation from the books. I think that Lafayette should have died at the end of the first season – like he did in the books – I didn’t like the whole thing with the voodoo guy and I feel like HBO is going to elaborate on that a LOT which will take away from everything else. In the last season I felt like SO MUCH of the story was on everybody else EXCEPT for SOOKIE! Which is NOT COOL ‘cuz the books are all about SOOKIE!!! I think they’re going too far. Furthermore, I liked Eric in the books and how he was totally stoic, showed almost no emotion -except those towards Sookie basically- and didn’t really care much for anything else. Whereas in the show they’ve had him show a great deal of emotion and have kind of changed who his character is a bit….

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