Godric Returns to True Blood!

Yayyy! Because we’ve all been missing the adorable little bastard, and his death was just soooo, so unbelievably sad before. Although, why he chooses to show up in the next episode is definitely something we’ll need more details on later. So check out the first of three exclusive new previews for Sunday’s episode of True Blood.

Eric Receives a Visit From His Past

I’m sort of disappointed; Godric was such a sweety before. Now he’s all… hellbeasty and trying to get Eric to eat Sookie in her sleep. No fair. I doubt this is actually Godric’s ghost, since he and Sookie seemed to be on good terms before he was fried to a crisp on the roof of that hotel… So that means he’s some dormant throwback memory from Eric’s frazzled amnesiac mind. The next video is actually kind of funny.

Pam Demands Action

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I love Pam. The “beekeeper” quip from Bill was actually what set me off giggling to myself. Because let’s face it, Pam strolls in looking like the world’s only Gothic beekeeper. On the other hand, she makes a good point; something does absolutely need to be done about the witches. For example, let’s say they all just… disappeared, and were never heard from again? How could anyone attribute that to vampires? Humans kill each other all the time. Why not pin it on human violence instead?

Jessica and Hoyt’s Strained Relationship

Now what’s wrong with her? Jesus. She’s eaten other guys, put the vampire brain whammy on him, and now she’s withholding affection? What’s the problem, Jessica? You seem to be the one screwing around on him and turning poor innocent sweet Hoyt into an emotional wreck, why is it you have to be the victim? He’s just a nice guy, and you’re totally screwing him over. Gah! He even chose you over his mom! If she don’t want that simple minded Peterbilt country boy, I’ll sure as hell take him.

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